People Are Just Realising This Glaring Error In The Nightmare Before Christmas

How had we never noticed this before?!
Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Depending on who you ask, The Nightmare Before Christmas is either a film best watched at Halloween or during the festive period.

What we can’t argue with, however, is the fact there appears to be a glaring error in one of the film’s biggest musical numbers.

One fan of the Tim Burton classic has pointed out that there are some inconsistencies in the lyrics to What’s This?, which is sung by lead character Jack Skellington.

In it, he sings about being mystified by the snow falling from the sky, not knowing what it is – only to later make an observation that kids can be seen “throwing snowballs”.

As Threads user spookywil observed: “I absolutely adore The Nightmare Before Christmas… but one thing that has always bugged me is when Jack is singing What’s This? He says ‘There’s white things in the air’ but then later says ‘There’s children throwing snowballs.’

“How would he know what a snowball is if he has no idea what the white things in the air are?” they said, before quickly adding: “Other than that the film is still 38348936396 out of 10.”

Many others also realised the error for the first time, with one user writing: “Never thought of that.”

“So true,” another said, adding: “The line that bugs me is ‘in this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song.’ It SHOULD say ‘everyone hail to the pumpkin THRONE.’ Makes more sense and rhymes better.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993, telling the story of Jack Skellington – who is the King of “Halloween Town” – and his attempt to take over Christmas after stumbling upon the nearby “Christmas Town”.

The film features a voice cast including Danny Elfman and Chris Sarandon as Jack and Catherine O’Hara as Sally.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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