The Queen's Speech Throwback To That Time She Gave David Cameron The Evils

Just one look.

The Queen's Speech will today lay out government plans for prison reform, tackling extremism and even driverless cars.

With the Tory party being torn apart over the future of the EU, the ceremony has been billed an "island of respite" for David Cameron, who will be watching the politically neutral monarch lay out his Tory vision of the future.

But a quick look back to this time last year shows suggests it might not be so simple.

The 2015 Queen's Speech included a part about how her government will explore abolishing the Human Rights Act and replace a British Bill of Rights.

The proposal to scrap that act is intended to reduce the influence of the European courts' decisions on British judges but has been criticised for being vague and misguided.

In the speech, the Queen said: "My government will bring forward proposals for a British Bill of Rights."

She then looked up, and appeared to fix her eyes on Cameron, before sighing - as you can see in this clip made by Jon Harvey.

Tweeters who oppose the abolition of the Act were delighted with the apparent gesture.

They variously described the brief moment as the Queen doing "a huff and an evil", "looking horrified" and rolling her eyes.


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