12/09/2018 10:52 BST | Updated 13/09/2018 09:16 BST

The Reason Rahul From 'Great British Bake Off' Started Baking Is Too Much For The Internet To Handle

"Can we all work together to protect Rahul, he is too precious"

Tuesday’s bread-themed ‘Great British Bake Off’ was stuffed with delicious drama. We saw a filling of tension as we prayed the naans would rise, a drizzling of tradition with glazed Chelsea buns, and a side of pride as Paul Hollywood dispensed another handshake.

But star baker of the week, research scientist Rahul Mandal, hasn’t just captured the tastebuds of the judges, he’s also melted the hearts of the general public.

He’s known to be a bit harsh on himself:

And we’ve embraced his quirkiness, like the time he spotted, counted and identified the sex of two pheasants with vet-like precision, which Twitter was loving:

He’s become an audience fave.

But the cherry on top of last night’s episode was a segment so wholesome we weren’t prepared for it – the bit on why Rahul started baking, which got fans more than a little teary-eyed.

We see Rahul, wrapped up in a puffer jacket boldly striding into a Leisure Centre with a serene, yellow and orange culinary creation.

We’re then told: “Rahul moved to the UK eight years ago, and now bakes regularly to make new friends.”

The internet couldn’t deal.

The primary feeling that’s come from the revelation is that we just want to love and support him. 

We also want his friendship.

We must protect him.

The Twitter-sphere was crying out with love for the contestant in such synchronised, choir-like harmony that the Bake-Off’s Twitter put together a little momento to commemorate our collective emotional breakdown.

Although it’s early days – we’re only on episode 3 – we definitely know who we’ve got our eye on.

We’re here for you Rahul.

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