The Simpsons Predicted Kamala Harris' Future, Fans Say

The cartoon oracle strikes again, thanks to Lisa Simpson.

The Simpsons predicted decades ago that Kamala Harris would rock a purple ensemble at her inauguration, fans are saying.

The cartoon has gotten credit for foretelling Donald Trump’s presidency and the Capitol riot ― so why not what outfit the new vice president wore at her swearing-in?

The animated classic’s crystal-balling of Harris’s future emerged on Twitter this week, but required connecting a few dots.

The same 2000 episode that depicted Trump as a future president featured Lisa Simpson as his successor and the first female U.S. leader. And she wore a purple outfit remarkably similar to the one Harris chose for Wednesday’s ceremony ― right down to the accessories.

Sure, Lisa Simpson was president and not the first female vice president. But close enough, right?

Yeardley Smith, the actor who voices Lisa Simpson, tweeted that she wanted to believe Harris chose her wardrobe as a subtle tribute to the character.

“Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” Smith wrote. (Others also guessed that Harris or at least someone on her team knew of the episode.)

But many fans attributed the look to cartoon clairvoyance.


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