The Traitors Will Not Feature This One Key Element In Season Two

No one is safe this time round.
Claudia Winkleman stands before the round table, where players discuss who should be banished
Claudia Winkleman stands before the round table, where players discuss who should be banished
BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Last year, the nation was gripped watching The Traitors as three ordinary individuals attempted to hoodwink 19 others out of winning 120K, while kicking about in a plush castle in Scotland.

The reality TV show debuted back in November 2022, and became instantly iconic thanks to its endearing set of contestants, its melodramatic vernacular and its very loveable host, Claudia Winkleman.

Now the series is back for another round, with a confirmed release date of 3rd January 2024! But this time round, things will be slightly different.

Recently, producers commented on the “difficult” problem they’ve had to contend with in season two, given that the new cast will have potentially watched and learned from season one.

“They’re going to come to us with pre-planned ideas of the way they think it’s going to go, and obviously it’s our job to make sure that they’re always kept on their toes and they don’t know what’s around every corner”, a producer of Studio Lambert said.

With that in mind, Winkleman has teased some new changes to season two in a Q&A ahead of its premiere. As well as some “epic” new challenges, the Strictly Come Dancing host said, “I think I’m allowed to say the armoury has gone and now there’s a kitchen”.

Fans will recall that the armoury was a location players could visit in the previous series and earn a shield, which protected them from being “murdered” by the traitors.

Eventual winner Meryl Williams procures a shield from the armoury
Eventual winner Meryl Williams procures a shield from the armoury

This aspect of gameplay didn’t really come into effect too much during the first UK season, but it has saved contestants in other international versions like De Verraders (Belgium). The removal of this element could be seen as a way of making the show’s stakes even higher this time round.

Series creators remain tight-lipped on any other changes to the beloved show’s format, but it has been revealed that there will be a visual podcast to accompany season two called “Uncloaked”.

Hosted by comedian Ed Gamble, Uncloaked will feature exclusive interviews with whichever player gets banished and/or murdered in each episode, and will also showcase the tantalising moment eliminated players find out the identity of the traitors – something viewers didn’t get to experience in season one.

Series one of The Traitors welcomed an average audience of 5.4 million, and pulled in 1.5 million in the final, in which faithfuls Meryl Williams, Aaron Evans, and Hannah Byczkowski succeeded in taking home a cash prize of £101,050. The show also won big at both the National Television Awards and British Academy Television Awards.

Despite this, Winkleman has admitted that she’s “terrified” people won’t like series two as much as the first. Only time will tell, Claud, but we don’t think you have anything to worry about!

The Traitors will launch on Wednesday 3rd January 9pm on BBC One. Episodes two and three will be available on BBC iPlayer immediately after, and going forward the show will air Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.


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