The Weakest Link Viewers Can’t Believe Jennie Bond’s Answer To The Question ‘What Does WFH Mean?’

The BBC’s former royal correspondent said her gaffe will “haunt me for a long time”.

If there was an acronym that we thought everybody on the planet knew after the last few years, it would be ‘WFH’.

But apparently not.

The BBC’s former royal correspondent, Jennie Bond, was asked that very question on Tuesday’s edition of The Weakest Link and her answer was TV gold.

During an appearance alongside other well known journalists, Jennie was asked by host Romesh Ranganathan: “The abbreviation WFH usually stands for what three-word phrase?”

But instead of answering ‘working from home’, Jennie offered up the following…


“It was total confusion,” Jennie told Romesh. “I didn’t know what you’d asked me, and I certainly didn’t know the answer.’

“What question did you think ‘what fish are you’ would be the answer to?” Romesh joked.

After being voted off from the game, Jennie later admitted that she did actually know the answer.

“My brain was a blur,” she insisted. “Don’t ask me why I said ‘what fish are you’. I mean, I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

The Weakest Link airs Wednesday night at 6.30pm on BBC One.


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