Carer Slams Theresa May In Call To LBC Over Tory Manifesto

'What’s going to happen to me Mrs May?'

A distraught caller on Nick Ferrari’s LBC radio show has lambasted Theresa May for what she sees as a Tory manifesto that could leave her homeless.

Anna, from Putney, London, lives with and cares for her mother full-time.

She claimed if her own health failed and they were made to pay for her mother’s care then when she died she could be left homeless if their house was sold to cover the cost.

She said: “There was nothing in [the manifesto] for me, I’m obviously not part of the mainstream, I obviously don’t matter. There’s nothing in that manifesto for me whatsoever.

“They’re trashing elderly people especially ones that are sick and frail.”

Her voice cracking with emotion, she added: “What’s going to happen to me Mrs May? Where are you Theresa May, what’s going to happen to me?”

The Conservative manifesto unveiled this week included what the PM called the “difficult but necessary” move to make more elderly people pay for their own social care in their own home.

Those with assets totalling more than £100,000 will be forced to cover care costs out of their own money and their homes can be used as capital after their death.

Anna argued this was unfair as ultimately she was saving the government money as a carer.

She said: “When you have care in your home it is much cheaper for the taxpayer.

“So to bring people’s homes into it when they’re living in it and their daughter is living with them and will be made homeless at the end of it, how fair is that?

“Because that’s what’s going to happen to me. That’s the way I see it anyway, I’ve got nowhere else to live.”

Ferrari tried to comfort Anna, saying: “But the moment you don’t need that level of care, do you? Let’s hope you don’t.”

Anna replied: “I’m not into hoping. That sounds like some sort of lottery.

“If she thinks it’s OK for her to trash the old and their carers who are saving her and the people out there loads of money then that’s fine.

“But it’s not very ‘lefty’ and I don’t see the media or the newspapers picking this up because they’re no the ones who will be homeless.”


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