03/05/2017 15:12 BST

Theresa May Chips VS Ed Miliband's Bacon Sandwich - Which Was More Embarrassing?

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Theresa May suffered what has been suggested to be her “bacon sandwich” moment on Tuesday after pausing for a quick snack while on the campaign trail - but was her meal moment really worse than Ed Milibands’?

The unfortunate images of May chowing down on chips emerged from a walkabout in Mevagissey on the north Cornwall coast, quickly prompting many to make fun of her.

DYLAN MARTINEZ via Getty Images
Theresa May tucks into a cone of chips in Mevagissey

Former Labour leader Miliband was skewered by many when he was snapped eating a bacon sarnie during the 2015 campaign.

Some even suggested his culinary skills were a reflection of his ability to run the country...

The Sun
The Sun's front page linked Ed Miliband's sandwich-eating with his political ability

But while some were quick to draw a comparison between the two meal moments, many on social media pointed out that May wasn’t getting nearly as much flak as Miliband. 

Not surprisingly, Miliband later expressed solidarity with May:

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