14/07/2017 18:05 BST | Updated 14/07/2017 18:10 BST

Theresa May And David Davis Confronted By Romanian Journalist At Spectator Summer Party

'I'm about to get deported!'

A Romanian journalist got into a plush party to ask Theresa May and Davis about Brexit, in two incredibly awkward exchanges.

The Spectator’s annual summer party is meant to be a space for journalists and senior politicians to meet and talk off-the-record in a relaxed setting.

GQ columnist Nimrod Kamer, who claimed to have “blagged” his way into the party on Thursday night, filmed myself gradually edging toward the the group at which the prime minister was standing.

After getting May to pose for what she thought was a photo, then says: “I’m a Romanian passport holder. I’m about to get deported.”

She immediately replies: “No, you’re not.” She then talked about the White Paper and the rights it offered EU citizens already living here, but X says: “It’s not the same as what the EU originally offered.”

She said: “It’s very similar. The key difference is the European Court of Justice.”

Kamer says he worries about deporting at which point Spectator editor Fraser Nelson says “You should be fine, I wouldn’t worry.”

After Fraser wishes him well and thanks Kamer for coming, the journalist moves on to David Davis.

Using the familiar ‘can I have a picture?’ tactic, Kamer gets in, and then says: “I’m waiting for the final figure. £40 billion?” - an apparent reference to the cost of leaving the EU.

Another man says: “Just don’t chant fuck the Tories.”

“Pay for the NHS instead,” Kamer says of the money.

Davis says something inaudible and does not respond to Kamer’s comment.