Citizenship of the European Union

Defence secretary says move would be "counterproductive".
Steve Barclay accused of "confusing" Europeans worried about their right to remain in the UK after Brexit.
Around 600,000 EU nationals in the UK might not apply for settled status, with disastrous consequences, the3million spokesperson Maike Bohn writes.
"This is no way to treat people, let alone what was promised," says 3million campaign.
EU nationals in the UK are 'literally living in fear', Emmy van Deurzen told an event organised by the European parliament.
There’s a long list of reasons why 2.6 million people have not yet applied to settle in Britain after Brexit.
As the UK hurtles towards a potential no-deal Brexit, more than a million people living on the continent are waiting to find out what it will mean for their lives.
The intricacies of the EU referendum were impossible to understand, so we voted for different versions of patriotism we now feel obliged to defend, journalist Joanna York writes.
Critics hit out as No.10 confirms free movement will end on October 31 if no agreement with Brussels.
The Tory leadership hopeful said he would "immediately" seek to protect the rights of EU nationals.