Citizenship of the European Union

Where is our home now given that we have been effectively abandoned by both the place we live in and the place we come from?
The highest number of applications came from Polish, Romanian and Italian citizens, the Home Office said.
The government is also facing calls for an inquiry into the "fiasco".
Ministers have missed target to reduce net migration to the “tens of thousands” 37 times in a row.
Some are being told the problems are due to the election only being confirmed at the last minute.
That the government of a European country is not only contemplating no deal, but actively choosing to make it a real possibility is one of the greatest derelictions of duty we have ever seen.
HuffPost UK hears from Leavers, Remainers, EU nationals and international students.
"Call me crazy, but maybe the garbage trucks weren’t the best place for your ads."
In a responsible society five million people cannot be sacrificed on the Brexit altar.