Citizenship of the European Union

EU citizens remain in the place they have been since 2016: right at the centre of the storm, but with no representation and no shelter in sight.
In many ways all of this has been an integral part of daily life for EU citizens in the UK since the referendum. What makes it extraordinary now is that over two years have passed and nothing has changed
EU citizens and supporters formed a human chain around Downing Street as they gathered to deliver a letter to Theresa May. The group is demanding that the PM offer some guarantee of their rights as the country hurtles towards Brexit without a deal in place.
But study concludes European migrants contribute £2,300 more each year than the average adult.
'Why is he writing to me, born in the UK and resident in the UK? I can hear Ali G’s voice: 'Is it because I is Welsh?'
All your questions answered on the new Home Office scheme.
When we are faced with an EU Withdrawal Bill that is so flawed and so fundamental to our future wellbeing, we have an absolute duty to do everything within our power to put it right