03/10/2017 17:56 BST | Updated 03/10/2017 18:01 BST

Watch Theresa May Insist She Has Feelings After Maybot Jibe

The nickname has dogged the Prime Minister for months

Channel 5

Theresa May insists she does have feelings as she reacted to her Maybot nickname.

The Prime Minister was branded with the tag in November 2016, when Guardian columnist John Crace mocked the Tory leader for her repetitive answers in an interview about Brexit.

The nickname slipped into common usage during this year’s General Election campaign, with May repeatedly accused of lacking emotion when engaging with the public.

This included her now infamous response to a nurse who asked for a pay rise that there is “no magic money tree”.

Ahead of her Conservative Party Conference speech on Wednesday, Channel 5 Political Editor Andy Bell asked May what she thought of her nickname.

“I’m certainly somebody with feelings. I don’t recognise that characterisation of myself.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Crace said he came up with the nickname after “a long period of observation.”

When asked about her reaction, he said: “I am thrilled she’s got feelings.”

In a separate interview with Channel 4, May was asked why everyone at the conference in Manchester was “so miserable.”