Theresa May Should Have Checked History Of Man Whose Tweet She Used To Mock Jeremy Corbyn

He made jokes about Muhammad and described the Prophet in highly offensive terms.

A man Theresa May quoted at Prime Minister’s Questions today has been revealed to have posted a string of highly offensive content.

The prime minister tried to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn by reading out the first tweet that came in response to his call for suggestions on topics to raise at the pair’s weekly showdown.

”The first one was good,” May told Corbyn as she read out the tweet. “He might want to make sure he stays sitting down for this.”

But just hours after the smackdown, astute social media users began trawling through the man May quoted’s Twitter account, which revealed a string of controversial posts.

One tweet by Lewis, sent after the murder of a Polish man in Essex, said other Poles who were attacked could have “asked for it”, and played down police speculation it was a hate crime.

He also shared a post that claimed the man charged with the murder of Jo Cox “taught English to Muslims and has never been racist”.

'Lewis’ also described the Black Lives Matter campaign Twitter feed as a “parody account” and told author Elizabeth Day to “piss off you stupid, feminist piece of shit”.

While a tweet sent just two days ago read: “If most people read the Qu’ran then they would see quite clearly that Muhammad was a bloodthirsty warlord & paedo.”

A No 10 source told HuffPost UK: “The PM’s point was about Corbyn’s polling and the mutual distrust between the Labour Party and British people.

“As she said today, with Labour so divided, there’s only one party capable of uniting the country: the Conservative Party.”