01/06/2017 22:33 BST

Theresa May Mocked For Dodging Radio 4's Women’s Hour

Elicits an Ed Miliband zinger.

Theresa May has earned more scorn for dodging further high-profile media scrutiny.

The Tory leader has reportedly side-stepped an interview with BBC Radio 4” Women’s Hour, with Education Secretary Justine Greening poised to appear instead, the Daily Telegraph’s Christopher Hope said.

It was later clarified that May had turned down the request three weeks ago.


The move follows Home Secretary Amber Rudd appearing on the BBC Debate alongside the leaders of rival parties, which led to accusations of “running scared” after Jeremy Corbyn latterly revealed he would feature.

Women’s Hour has already produced one of the moments of the election campaign when Corbyn struggled to answer a question about the cost of Labour’s flagship childcare policy.  

It comes during a bruising week for the PM. On Wednesday, a local newspaper reporter became a viral sensation after his interview with May saw her repeatedly duck simple questions.

Meanwhile, HuffPost UK revealed how Tory candidates were deeply frustrated with her campaign as the polls appeared to have narrowed dramatically and one pollster suggested a hung parliament was on the cards.

Many are questioning whether the central Tory election message of being “strong and stable” rings true when May appears to be avoiding scrutiny.

Labour piled in to criticise, led by ex-leader Ed Miliband who cracked a joke at her expense about benefit sanctions.

And the Twitterati were out in force.