15/05/2017 15:19 BST

Theresa May Announces 'Telephone Town Hall' On Twitter, Responses Are Brutal

'Call me.'

It’s fair to say Theresa May has received more than a little bit of grief lately for at least appearing as if she is actively avoiding the UK public as the General Election approaches.

The Prime Minister seems to have taken the criticism onboard and today took two steps to address the issue.

Firstly, she embarked upon a walkabout in Abingdon market in Oxfordshire where she met Cathy who gave her an absolute hammering over disability benefits.

The PM’s second attempt at connecting with voters was to announce a Telephone Town Hall which, if the picture is anything to go by, will be funnier than a pug in a penguin suit.

But, just as Cathy demonstrated the reality of politicians getting out and about, the replies to May’s tweet suggest she isn’t going to have an easy time on the phone. 

1) Foxes

2) The spurned voter

3) Don’t mention the cyberattack

4) See point 3

5) The script preview

6) ‘I’ve got plans’

7) Brutal

8) Light refreshments will be on offer

9) The other script, much the same as the first script

10) This is a toughie

11) Sneaky

12) Strong offering

13) Wrong number mate

14) This won’t make it past screening

15) Aaaand to finish

As well as an increased public profile May is also promising a new deal for workers in her latest push to win over Labour voters.

The Prime Minister will offer a package of extra rights and promise further increases in the national living wage if she is returned to Downing Street, reports the Press Association. 

May will claim the package amounts to the “greatest expansion in workers’ rights by any Conservative government in history” and would help ensure the proceeds of economic growth “are spread to everyone in our country”.