Meet The Londoners Inviting Refugees Into Their Homes And Kitchens

Now people can't go to Aleppo, I'll bring Aleppo to your table.

With more than 20 million refugees around the world, Refugees Welcome is an initiative aimed at bringing people from different backgrounds together with something all humans love - good food and hospitality.

Set up by Purpose and UNICEF Global in the US, dinners have already been hosted by companies and individuals across the world including Canada, Norway and Germany.

Human rights lawyer Gissou Nia realised that many people who support the plight of refugees had never actually met someone who has been displaced.

She said: “This is an opportunity to just meet people in a natural, organic way and learn more about where they’re coming from and why they’re there and so I’m hoping that a lot of those folks have become more inspired to do something.”

Refugees Welcome has dinners lined up with a number of companies including Airbnb and Uber over the summer, and is hoping to expand this number across other organisations and individuals.

Find out more about the initiative and hosting a dinner here .

At the dinner HuffPost UK attended,, the food was prepared by Syrian refugee and chef Ahmad Abo Aziz, who has recently launched catering company Aleppo Supper Club.

As well as making delicious food, Ahmad intends to employ other Syrian refugees to help them make friends, learn catering skills, improve their English language skills as well as overcome the trauma of war. He is looking for help to expand the enterprise - find out more on his Facebook page.