refugees welcome

My mother arrived in the UK as an 18-year-old refugee from Nazi Germany
Now people can't go to Aleppo, I'll bring Aleppo to your table.
With more than 20 million refugees around the world, Refugees Welcome is an initiative aimed at bringing people from different
Refugees Welcome will be a window into the welcoming Britain I remember - a safe space where people from all backgrounds can come in, have a sit down and share a story. I hope you can join me.
A year ago, an image of the body of a little boy called Aylan Kurdi, washed up on a tourist beach in Bodrun, sparked horror and profound distress around the world. Aylan and his family had been fleeing the war in Syria and were seeking sanctuary and the chance to build new lives in Europe.
The 20th-26th June marked Refugee Week. Many events took place over the course of the week to celebrate refugees in Birmingham
I went on holiday to Syria in 2009, two years before war broke out. I was visiting my Syrian father-in-law with my husband
Brits support refugees but we've taken 'shockingly' few.
More than three quarters of Brits would accept refugees into their neighbourhood or home, research suggests, yet the UK has
As tens of thousands of people in London and other British and continental European cities marched this past weekend in support of welcoming refugees, the question remains: "Are we really willing to take them in?"