These Vegan (And Gluten-Free) 'Creme Eggs' Look Delicious – Time To Stock Up For Easter

"They are like gold dust at the moment."

Easter is fast approaching and we’re thinking about one thing: creme eggs. But what happens if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, and can’t eat Cadbury’s offerings?

No fear, a vegan chocolatier in East Yorkshire, Mummy Meagz, has created a plant-based version of the famous sweet treat that’s also free from soya and gluten – and it’s available to buy online.

Meagan Boyle, who runs the mother-daughter owned brand in Cottingham, says: “We didn’t see why people should miss out on an indulgent Easter treat just because of their ethical lifestyle choices.”

Mummy Meagz.
Mummy Meagz.

The Mummy Meagz brand makes only vegan products and is proud to be a “trailblazer” in the growing veganism movement.

Boyle says her take on the creme egg is “as good, if not better than” the options already on the market, and is 100% cruelty free. She uses sugar, cocoa mass, coco butter, sunflower lecithins, vanilla flavouring, icing sugar and maize starch to make the vegan delight.

They should be eaten within two weeks if you want them to taste their best.

Mummy Meagz.
Mummy Meagz.

Boyle’s products have previously appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, where host Piers Morgan described her rocky road bar as “tasteless”.

“We did consider sending Piers and his underlings a box,” Boyle adds. “But they are like gold dust at the moment and we just can’t spare any!”

The eggs have been on sale for five years, but have recently surged in popularity as customers can now buy them online, as well as in store. Mummy Meagz announced the news on social media, saying: “MOOve over Cadbury’s!”

MOOOve over Cadbury's 👇

They're back.... 💚💚💚 Mummy Meagz Vegan & Gluten Free Cream Eggs 🎉✌️😍

On sale, ONLY, through the Mummy Meagz website, as of tomorrow.

We will be shipping every 2 weeks all the way up to Easter!

Quick, tag a friend and prepare to get your fix!

— Mummy Meagz - the indulgent vegan kitchen® (@MummyMeagz) January 29, 2019

If you order now you might have to wait a little for your eggs, as they’re in high demand and only shipping every two weeks.

Best start stocking up for Easter.