18/05/2017 12:09 BST

12 Things You Will Only Understand If You're A Terrible Sleeper

Bed, you are the enemy💤

A few more hours sleep every night wouldn’t just make us feel better, it would also mean our blood doesn’t need to be 99% coffee.

But not all of us are sleep-deprived because we’re binge-watching boxsets until the early hours. Some of us genuinely find it harder than others to nod off.

So here are 12 things you will only understand if you have problems sleeping. 

1. Having the best intentions to go to bed on time tonight.

2. Dreading it because you know you won’t sleep. 

3. Feeling the most awake you’ve felt all day as soon as your head hits the pillow.

4. Wondering why your brain chooses now to have all your most anxious and irrational thoughts.

5. Starting to count down how many minutes till your alarm goes off.

6. Raging at your partner for having the audacity to just sleep like it’s no big deal. 

7. Being unable to stop yourself ‘accidentally’ waking them up.

8. Eye-rolling when people complain because they only got six hours. 

9. Being baffled when people just fall asleep on public transport.

10. Or when they argue that blackout blinds and total silence are optional. 

11. Wondering what it feels like to be well rested.

12. Confidently knowing you owe caffeine your life.