Treespond Plants A Tree Every Time Trump Tweets About Climate Change

'Ignorance is as devastating as climate change itself'

An organisation has come up with an innovative way of promoting environmental issues by letting you plant a tree every time President Donald Trump tweets about climate change.

Treespond (see what they did there?) was founded by Bacho Khachidze and Lasha Kvantaliani and is an online campaign that utilises a ‘green’ digital currency called OXYN.


“We believe, that ignorance is as devastating as climate change itself,” explain the campaign’s founders.

In response they’ve collated every tweet that Trump has made about climate change and then given it a rating on their own self-created ‘ignorance scale’. The more ignorant the quote, the more trees need to be planted in response.

You can choose to plant as little or as many trees towards each quote and once its been fulfilled you can move onto the next tweet.


While you can plant your trees all over the globe, the campaign has also partnered with the American Forestry Association to guarantee that a certain number of the trees planted will then be used to replenish those destroyed by the wildfires in California.

Each tree planted is equipped with a special NFC tag that lets you see exactly where your tree is located and gives you regular updates on how it’s doing.

Finally if you really want to get competitive there’s also a wall of fame letting you see the top tree planters from across the world.


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