23/08/2018 11:58 BST

This Creepy Foot Nail Art Will Have You Heading For The Hills

The very opposite of nailing it 😵👣

Today in trends that we never, ever in a million years wanted to see: a nail art studio in Russia has come up with the freakiest manicure design of all time.

Feet, complete with individual toes and painted toenails. Grim.

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A video of the terrifying creation was shared on the nail_sunny Instagram page to its 1.8 million followers. The caption simply stated: “Feet nails - yay or nay?”

The clip features a close-up of some fingernails which have been made to look like feet complete with pedicured toenails.

The hands then do a mini-catwalk, with the fingers acting like legs. If you look closely, there are also nails made to look like the underside of feet. 

For those with a deep desire to try it at home (we’re only judging you slightly), the manicurist also reveals how the look was created. Spoiler: it’s pretty intricate and involves a drill going through the nail..

As you can imagine, there were thousands of comments on the controversial design.

One person branded it “toetally creepy” (get it?) while another added: “I threw up a little.” There were also a lot of nauseous emojis used and a few people saw the funny side too. 

Here’s hoping it doesn’t catch on anytime soon.