THIS Is The Exact Time Of Day You Should Open Windows To Avoid Mould In Winter


According to Uswitch, 62% of people in the UK have had issues with mould in their homes at one point in their lives. Mould in the home can lead to respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma.

The Big Issue states that dampness and mould are caused by a buildup of moisture and one of the sources of moisture can be condensation. Condensation leads to moisture settling on surfaces and happens when steam or moisture hits a cold surface.

This is worse in winter because, of course, when it’s cold outside, you’re less likely to feel like opening your windows but if you’re showering or drying clothes with the window closed, this can lead to a build up of condensation and moisture.

However, this can also happen due to poor ventilation in the home, unsealed windows or penetrating damp which occurs when water leaks through walls or roofs.

The best time to open your windows to avoid dampness and mould

Petya Holevich, a domestic cleaning expert spoke to The Sun about the best practices when it comes to ventilating your home.

Holevich advised that the ideal time to open your windows is during the warmest part of the day as this is when the air outside is usually at its driest.

She advised that this is typically late morning or early afternoon when temperatures rise and humidity outdoors is relatively low:

“Aiming to ventilate your home during this time will allow fresh air to circulate through the house, which will assist in moisture removal without the need for additional heating.”

She also added that opening your windows on the side of the house facing the wind will prevent better airflow and assured that this doesn’t have to be done for too long to be effective saying, “you don’t have to keep your windows open for long either. Between five and 15 minutes is sufficient.”

At this point, I’ll try anything.