Here's Why One Mum Draws Pictures On Her Daughter's Lunchbox Every Day

So cute

It’s that time of year again, the kids have gone back to school and parents are all trying to remember how to get them out of the door on time every morning.

But one mum has added one more thing to her to-do list every day of the week: draw a picture of her daughter for her to take to school.

Sara from Illinois, USA, shared a photograph on Twitter of her adorable crayon illustrations that depict her six-year-old daughter Bria.

Drawn on a white paper snack bag, Sara said that she even makes time to ensure she gets the detail of what she is wearing every day and the weather.

The mother said: “I’m a terrible artist, but I love her so much.”

The reason she wanted to start the drawings is because her daughter has anxiety disorder and hasn’t starting reading yet. “This is my way of letting her know I love and think about her often and also let her know what’s for snack.”

She explained that in the pictures her daughter is also wearing a pair of earmuffs that she wears in real life to help her cope with her anxiety.

Other parents praised the mother’s creativity and taking the time to do something nice for her daughter every day.

And parents of children with anxiety said that they were also prompted to try something like this themselves.