TikTok Wants You To Stop Wearing Underwear To The Gym. Here's What The Experts Say

Searches for 'commando at the gym' have been soaring on Google thanks to the new TikTok trend.
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Another day, another bizarre TikTok trend.

Online searches for “commando to the gym” have sky-rocketed by an eye-watering 1,211% overnight following another viral Tiktok, with the user sharing that they do not wear underwear to the gym.

People in the comments section were left divided, with some users saying “I’ve found my people” and others sharing concerns over the potential spread of infection and, well, it just being a bit gross.

But what’s the deal? Should we actually be leaving our pants at home when we hit the gym?

Fortunately the the underwear experts at Lounge Underwear have weighed in on the debate – and you might be surprised by their answers.

According to Mel Marsden, founder of Lounge, the answer is far from as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as “it is completely up to the individual and doing what makes them feel most comfortable is key”.

While some claim that going commando to the gym minimises odours, Marsden warns that underwear can actually create a protective layer between the wearer and their clothing.

She explains: “This helps to prevent sweat from spreading which can lead to unwanted bacteria, potentially causing a range of problems including irritation and itchiness, that can be uncomfortable and take time to recover from.”

If you opt for cotton underwear, Marsden says the fabric is super absorbent of moisture while being really breathable (without letting bacteria spread) – perfect for working out in.

“Rather than underwear increasing vaginal odour as sometimes suggested, wearing good quality underwear, which is being washed between uses, actually helps to promote good hygiene and prevent these issues,” she adds.

Whether you opt to go commando or wear pants to the gym, one thing is crucial: after your workout, get those gym clothes (and underwear) into the washing machine and hop in the shower to prevent any irritation down below.

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