BBC News Presenter Caught Scrolling On Phone With Feet Up During Government Meltdown

"Tim Willcox checking where his Deliveroo has got to."

With the Tory government imploding, you’d think there would be little time to put your feet up if you were in charge of delivering the news.

However, BBC News presenter Tim Willcox was caught doing just that on Wednesday night as Boris Johnson saw members of his party resigning left, right and centre.

As reporter Ros Atkins shared the latest update live from Downing Street, the programme cut back to the studio where a completely unprepared Tim was seen scrolling through his phone with his feet up on the desk.

After realising he was on air, a shocked Tim got back into position before the camera quickly returned to Ros in Downing Street (watch the video above).

The gaffe didn’t go unnoticed by viewers…

The PM rejected direct pleas from the likes of Grant Shapps, Simon Hart, Priti Patel and Brandon Lewis to quit.

And in a dramatic move, Michael Gove was sacked from the cabinet after telling Johnson earlier in the day his position was untenable.

Wednesday’s drama followed the shock resignations of Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid a day earlier.

The PM managed to see off the immediate threat to his premiership by carrying out a hasty reshuffle.

The defiant prime minister insisted he had a mandate from the people to carry on in the job, insisting that he would continue to focus on the “hugely important issues facing the country”.

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