21/01/2018 12:40 GMT

Watch Time's Up Women's March In London

'We've had enough.'

Thousands of women have taken to the streets in London to say “Time’s Up” on issues including sexual harassment and the gender pay gap, a day after huge crowds gathered for marches across the US

The march, which began on Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street at 11am, is the latest in a series of rallies that have seen women in at least 34 countries protest this weekend. 

The march marks the anniversary of the Women’s March movement which was sparked by the US Presidential election victory of Donald Trump and comes as organisers urge people to come together to say “Time’s Up” in honour of the #MeToo movement.

Women’s rights activist Helen Pankhurt, great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and journalist and author Reni Eddo-Lodge are to speak at the event along with MP Stella Creasy and Sophie Walker.

Around three thousand people registered their interest in the march on a  Facebook page for the event, while more than 8,000 said they were interested. 

A statement from organisers reads: 

One year on, we are coming together to say Time’s Up.

Time’s Up on gender based violence, sexual harassment and abuse. Time’s Up on the systematic and politically motivated underfunding of the services survivors depend on. Time’s Up on victimizing survivors and allowing abusers to avoid accountability. Time’s Up on the misogynistic abuse of women on social media. Time’s Up on the culture that tells men they are entitled to women’s bodies.

Time’s Up on bigotry and prejudice - scapegoating Refugees and Muslims. Time’s Up on racially motivated violence and harassment. Time’s Up on deportations, inhuman detention centres and human trafficking. Time’s Up on islamophobia, anti-semitism, transphobia, homophobia and ableism. Time’s Up on the under representation of marginalised groups in politics and in the media.

Time’s Up on the economic oppression of women. Time’s Up on the gender pay gap that sees women paid less than their male counterparts for the same job. Time’s Up on the cruel and ideological universal credit system which plunges millions into deeper poverty. Time’s Up on austerity, a policy which serves to worsen the country’s economy and disproportionately impacts women. Time’s Up on the needless deaths from benefit cuts and sanctions.

Time’s Up on controlling the bodies of either women or anyone who was assigned female at birth. Time’s Up on telling women what to wear. Time’s Up on Burka Bans and the phobia of Hijabs. Time’s Up on body shaming and fatphobia. Time’s Up on menstrual poverty and taboo. Time’s Up on the unequal provision of abortion services. Time’s Up on the policing of trans women’s bodies.

Time’s Up on the climate of profit over people. We want#Justice4Grenfell. Time’s Up on climate change denial and the destruction of the environment. #ClimateChangeIsReal.

We are coming together to pledge that we are going to make change in big and small ways. We will stand side by side, once again, in solidarity with our sisters, brothers and siblings around the world. Together we are strong and if we all work for a better world then time is really up for oppressors of women.