Longing For A Good Night's Sleep? Here Are Five Things You Should Never Do Before Bed

Helloooo sleepy time.

If getting a good night's kip is top of your priorities, then you might want to avoid doing the following before bedtime...

1. Don't drink tea

You might be already avoiding coffee before bed, but tea is also a major culprit for keeping you up all night.

2. Don't argue with your partner

Fighting with your other half results in you then lying awake all night, over-thinking what's been said. Don't do it.

3. Don't let pets on your bed

While they're snuggly and warm, when pets sleep on the bed it can be virtually impossible to get a good night's rest.

Not only are you afraid to move for fear of disturbing them, but when they fidget it wakes you up too. Not on.

4. Don't sleep with your tech

Whether it's a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, having tech near your bed is never a good idea as blue light from electronic devices can stimulate your brain and keep you up.

5. Keep devices out of the room

If possible, don't sleep with devices in the room. Also, stop checking texts and emails late at night - it doesn't help you switch off.

Aim to stop using your devices at least one hour before bed.

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