15/01/2019 09:58 GMT | Updated 15/01/2019 10:01 GMT

Toddler Less Than Impressed By New Baby Brother In Hilarious Video

Big fat NOPE.

The one thing every parent bringing a new baby home wants is for their other children to warm to their newborn. But one toddler wasn’t going to give her parents (read: traitors) the satisfaction.

When Little Ella met, and held, her new baby brother for the first time their meeting went down like a lead balloon. Rather than a sweet smile for the new addition, or even a kiss on the head, Ella stared straight at the camera with a huge frown on her face.

When baby Coleman was placed in her lap, Ella then proceeded to stare forwards, before finally catching a glimpse of her brother – and looking less than thrilled about it.

Here’s hoping she warms up to him soon.

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