Toddler Has A Love Affair With A Mop And Won't Let Anyone Near It

Don't. Touch. The. Mop.

You buy toddlers colourful toys, sensory books and blocks of LEGO to keep them entertained. But at the end of the day all they really want is household items, apparently.

This toddler loved the mop so much she wouldn’t let her mum anywhere near it, and even hid in a corner to try and keep it to herself.

A video of the girl was originally shared on YouTube in June 2015 but has recently been re-shared on Imgur.

Parents watching the clip weren’t too surprised.

“My son was obsessed with vacuum cleaners when he was three,” one person wrote. “We got him a cordless vacuum for his birthday and it was his favoirite present.”

Another wrote: “This is literally the cutest thing I have seen since, maybe ever.”