18/01/2017 11:20 GMT | Updated 21/12/2017 14:02 GMT

A Toddler Sneezed So Hard She Fell Over, Becomes Our Favourite Little Human

You'll watch this on replay.

Sometimes a sneeze can take you by surprise, as this toddler knows only too well.

The girl was stood staring at herself in the mirror, only to find herself in a heap on the floor seconds later after the unexpected sneeze broke out.

We shouldn’t laugh but, we literally cannot stop watching this clip.  

The four-second video was uploaded to Twitter by the toddler’s dad on Friday 13 January.

“My daughter who was blown away by her own sneeze, too cute,” he wrote.

Within five days the clip ha been retweeted more than 100k times and favourited 200k times.

For anyone worrying the girl hurt herself, fear not - she’s fine. 

“She got up with a straight face and continued to watch the programme on DVD,” the dad told BuzzFeed News. “Our girl is quite tough!

“I’m glad it brought a smile to many who watched the video.”

It certainly did.

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