Simon Pegg Reveals The One Role Tom Cruise Can Never Play

Although the Mission Impossible star can "pretty much do anything", he can't do this.
Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg
Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg
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Tom Cruise has appeared in many different roles over his decades-long film career, but it seems there’s one he could never play.

Simon Pegg has revealed his Mission Impossible co-star couldn’t portray a Brit on screen as his accent isn’t up to scratch.

Appearing on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X this week, Simon said: “I’m better than him at accents, we mess around a lot on set and when you hear him try to do a British accent it’s hilarious… it’s somewhere between Dick Van [Dyke]…

“I mean, Tom Cruise can pretty much do anything, but he’s never gonna play a Brit,” Simon added.

And it appears Tom fully agrees with Simon’s assessment.

“His Michael Caine is much better than mine!” he said of Simon during a red carpet interview with Metro.

“He’s been teaching me it.”

The pair star together in the latest instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise, the seventh, which is titled Dead Reckoning: Part One.

Tom and Simon pictured together in 2018
Tom and Simon pictured together in 2018
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Earlier this week, Tom named Scarlett Johansson as the one actor who he is still dying to work with.

He told The Hollywood Reporter that a shared project is “absolutely” going to happen.

“She’s amazing,” he said. “There’s a great actress and a movie star.

“Look, I’ve watched her career her whole life. She’s enormously talented, very charismatic. It’d be fun. She could do everything. She could do comedy, drama, action, suspense. She’s someone that really draws you in on the screen, on camera. So absolutely, it’s gonna happen.”

Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning, Part One is released in UK cinemas on 10 July.


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