Viral Video Shows Tom Cruise Running In Every Mission: Impossible Film And We're Knackered Just Watching

The latest Mission: Impossible film, Dead Reckoning Part One, is released later this month.
Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 3
Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 3

If you don’t fancy going to the gym today then we’ve got the solution for you – exercise vicariously through this Tom Cruise video instead.

The seventh Mission: Impossible film (Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, to use its full title) is about to be released, and to mark the occasion, Paramount Pictures has released a supercut of Tom’s many, many running scenes from the franchise’s movies so far.

Clocking in at just under 10 minutes long, the video features impressive chase scenes including Tom sprinting up the side of a building, dodging helicopter missiles amid vehicle explosions and charging across an airfield before leaping onto the wing of a military plane.

The final seconds reveal a sneaky glimpse at Dead Reckoning Part One, providing proof – not that it was ever in doubt – that Tom’s stamina hasn’t diminished in the 27 years since the first Mission: Impossible.

Honestly, we’re knackered just watching it.

The supercut is all the more impressive given the fact adrenaline junkie Tom, who plays Ethan Hunt in the films, is famous for doing his own stunts.

And the Hollywood icon – who often serves as a producer on his own films as well as the lead star – usually makes sure the whole cast trains with him before cameras are rolling.

Prior to filming Tom Gun: Maverick, Tom set up a gruelling months-long programme for himself and co-stars Miles Teller, Glen Powell and Greg Tarzan Davis.

The relentless schedule included an underwater course and “all-encompassing aviation training”. On top of that, the cast had to learn to operate their own cameras and direct themselves while in the sky.

Thankfully, judging from a featurette on the training, Tom’s castmates seem to be grateful for his efforts.

The seventh film in the Mission: Impossible series, Dead Reckoning Part One arrives in cinemas on Friday 14 July, with a sequel set to follow in a year’s time.

The movie cost a whopping $290 million to make and sees Tom star alongside Captain America actress Hayley Atwell and Dune’s Rebecca Ferguson.


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