Tom Hardy Compared To Real-Life Superhero After 'Chasing Down Moped Thief'

As if we neededreason to love him.

It’s a late entry, but Tom Hardy just might have snatched the title of April’s Most Surprising Celebrity Headline, after reportedly performing a citizen’s arrest when he witnessed someone stealing a moped.

Yes, Tom has been compared to a real-life superhero after chasing down a man on a stolen moped, a route that has been described as “assault course”-esque, before “hauling [him] into a bus stop” to search him for weapons, as he waited on the police.

And every superhero needs a catchphrase, right?

Well, after cornering the thief, near his home in Richmond, Tom was said to have been heard exclaiming to bystanders: “I caught the c***!”


Suffice to say, the news has gone down well on Twitter, with many admitting that the incident has made their love for Tom grow even more:

After carving a successful career for himself in the film industry, having bagged his first Oscar nomination last year for his performance in ‘The Revenant’, he recently made the move to TV in the new drama, ‘Taboo’.

Last month, it was confirmed that the polarising BBC series - co-created by Tom and his father - would be returning for a second series in 2018.

He’s also been heavily rumoured to be replacing Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond, reports which he himself has refused to comment on in the past.

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