16/02/2017 11:20 GMT | Updated 17/02/2017 12:46 GMT

Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ Grunting Has Been Condensed Into One Amazing Video (And Will Leave You Wanting More)


We’re still getting over the fact we spent Valentine’s Day with Tom Hardy (kinda) courtesy of CBeebies ‘Bedtime Stories’, and now, just days later, we’re having to deal with something else entirely.

Someone (whoever you are, take a bow) has taken it upon themselves to compile every time Tom’s character James Keziah Delaney has grunted in the BBC One drama, ‘Taboo’, and it really is something to behold.

It might only be 39 seconds long, but there’s something slightly hypnotic (and definitely not pervy) about hearing him grunt his way through the clip.

So, just to recap, this week Tom has instructed us to “go and get tucked up in bed” and now we’ve been serviced with a clip of him making a series of caveman-like noises on a loop.

Life is good.

Watch the grunt-tastic clip above. You’re welcome.

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