01/06/2017 14:56 BST

Tories Rake In £3.8 Million In Donations In Third Week Of Election Campaign

That's ten times as much as Labour.

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The Tories have piled up £3.8 million in donations in the third week of the election campaign - ten times as much as Labour.

The Electoral Commission’s latest figures - which refer to the seven-day period between May 17 and 23 - show the Conservatives took a cash donation of just over £1 million from a single donor - listed as John E Gore.

Labour’s £330,000 came largely from unions - mostly Unite - while the Lib Dems raised £265,000.

At a press conference in central London earlier this week, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party’s election campaign was going ‘very well’ and claimed large numbers of individual donors had given cash to the party, showing support from voters was high.  

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 He said: “The average online donation is £22.”

By law, political parties standing candidates in a general election must submit details of any donations and loans of over £7,500, as part of weekly reports to the Electoral Commission.

The Women’s Equality Party, which is standing candidates in seven constituencies, received £71,000 and the Greens £9,300.

UKIP’s only donation came from Newport-based coach company Jumbocruiser Ltd, to the tune of £4,200.

The Conservatives’ donations have dwarfed Labour’s to increasing levels week-on-week.  In the second week of the campaign Theresa May’s party reported £1.6m, compared to just £382,925 for Labour and in the first week after the election was called the Tories had attracted gifts worth £4m to Labour’s £2.6m.