Tory Brexit Advert 'Embarrassingly' Features Aberdeen Port Which Benefited From Millions In EU Funding

'A perfect example of the Tories’ chaos.'

Theresa May’s latest party political broadcast demonstrates the “chaos” in government over Brexit as it features the Port of Aberdeen which would not have received funding under the prime minister’s Brexit plan, the Labour Party has said.

In a campaign video released on Twitter today and due to be broadcast on TV, the prime minister hails her “plan for Britain”.

The Conservative Party advert shows ships moving in the port, which has benefited from millions in EU funding, as May speaks.

The Port of Aberdeen was granted a €258 million loan from the European Investment Bank on 20 June 2016, just three days before the country voted to leave the EU.

And in 2014, the port received €750,000 towards an environmental impact assessment which helped towards planning for the expansion of the harbour at Nigg Bay in the city.

In the campaign advert, the prime minister says the government has the “vision and the plan” to deal with a so-called hard Brexit which will see the UK leave the single market.

“As we leave the European Union we have the chance to shape a brighter future for Britain,” she says.

“That is why I have set out my plan for Britain. It is a plan to make the most out of the opportunities ahead.”

Labour has said the UK’s role in the European Investment Bank (EIB) should be maintained and is one the party’s Brexit “red lines”.

Only EU members can be a shareholder in the EIB, however its president has not ruled out changing the rules to allow the UK to remain after Brexit. The UK currently provides 16% of the capital of the bank.

Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s campaign chief, said: “This is an embarrassing slip-up for Theresa May, and a perfect example of the Tories’ chaos over Brexit.

“It speaks for itself that the Tories are using a successful example of EU infrastructure investment in Britain in a video promoting their policy to cut off our access to it.

“The Tories cannot give Britain the change we need. Labour is fighting their Hard Brexit, and has made access to EU investment funding a priority.”

Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to vote in favour of giving May the authority to trigger Article 50 and begin the Brexit process.

But Labour says the prime minister must pass six tests - including delivering the “exact same benefits” as the UK currently has as a member of the single market and customs union - if it is to vote to approve the final Brexit deal.

Port of Aberdeen as featured in the latest Conservative Party party political broadcast.
Port of Aberdeen as featured in the latest Conservative Party party political broadcast.
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