Tory Minister Says Labour Could Be In Power 'For 20 Years' In Latest Bizarre Campaign Move

Mark Spencer appeared to warn voters Keir Starmer's party could be too popular.
Keir Starmer, Labour leader
Keir Starmer, Labour leader
Stefan Rousseau - PA Images via Getty Images

Tory Mark Spencer tried to warn voters Labour could be in power for 20 years unless they back the Conservatives at the next election.

The minister for food, farming and fisheries told Times Radio this morning that the opposition – who are 20 points ahead in the polls – will “change the voting system” to keep them in government until 2044.

His comments are the latest attempt by the Tories to scare voters into not backing Labour on July 4.

Spencer said: “There are people out there who have serious concerns about what a Labour government will do, about how they will tax working people up and down the country and, of course, how if we get a Labour government they could be there for a very long time.

“Because of course they will change the voting system, they will make sure that they give votes to 16 year-olds, they have talked about giving votes to foreign nationals, to EU nationals.

“We could end up with a Labour government for 20 years if we get this wrong at this general election.”

The minister’s remarks suggest he thinks the Tories could lose the next four elections.

They come after presenter Stig Abell asked if anyone in the Conservative Party had urged him to say “we’re really fighting to reduce the Labour majority, to reduce the chances of a supermajority”.

But the minister replied: “No one has ever told me to take that line at all.

“And that certainly is not something that I’d be comfortable with.”

Despite his apparently defeatist attitude, Spencer also claimed the Conservative Party “absolutely think” they can still win the election.

It’s not the first time the Tories appear to have accepted they will be in opposition on July 5.

Defence secretary Grant Shapps became the first minister to admit the Tories are unlikely to win the election on Monday.

It also came after he had warned Labour were on track for a “super-majority” which would give Keir Starmer “unchecked power”.


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