Tory MP Points To Rishi Sunak's 'Buckets' Of Integrity When Questioned On Honesty In Politics

Although the prime minister's track record does not exactly back her claim up.
Rishi Sunak and Vicky Ford
Rishi Sunak and Vicky Ford
Getty/BBC Newsnight

Conservative MP Vicky Ford had a rather eyebrow-raising response to a question from a BBC Newsnight guest about declining trust in politics on Monday.

The backbencher held prime minister Rishi Sunak up as a example of “honesty and integrity”, apparently overlooking his track record.

The guest said: “What matters to me most is trust in politicians, because at the moment, politicians are not coming across as authentic. They’re not coming across as honest.

“And if they’re not trustworthy, how can they ask anyone to listen to them, let alone vote for them?”

Ford replied: “The point about integrity and trust in politics is something that is absolutely key, and something that the prime minister has actually got in buckets, that honesty and integrity.

“And trying to make sure he won’t promise things he can’t deliver.”

Host Kirsty Wark quickly cut in: “Or can’t deliver what he promises?”

Ford ignored her, and continued: “I also think it’s really important that we focus on what we have delivered, and be honest about the issues in things like the NHS...”

Sunak certainly began his time in No.10 by pledging to lead with “integrity, professionalism and accountability” following the chaotic governments led by Liz Truss and Boris Johnson.

He also acknowledged that “trust is earned”.

However, more than year since he made that very public promise, the prime minister has fallen flat on multiple occasions.

In fact, his personal X (formerly Twitter) account has been called out for posting misleading claims 25 times since January 2023.

He was also criticised by top watchdog, UK Statistics Authority, for wrongly claiming to have cleared the asylum backlog at the start of this year.

A YouGov poll from October last year found just 27% of respondents think the PM is honest, 23% think he’s authentic, and 20% think he’s trustworthy.

At the start of 2023, he also unveiled five pledges which he said his government would deliver on; halving inflation, stopping the small boats, cutting national debt, reducing NHS waiting lists and growing the economy.

So far, Sunak has only managed to deliver on the inflation bid – and it’s actually the independent Bank of England which has the greatest control over the rise and fall of prices.


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