Tory MP Demands Theresa May Resign 'Immediately' If Brexit Delayed Beyond April 12

Richard Drax performs personal U-turn and says he regrets voting for PM's deal.

A Conservative MP has demanded Theresa May resign as prime minister “immediately” if the UK does not leave the EU on April 12.

In an unusual intervention in the Commons, Richard Drax said he regretted voting for the PM’s withdrawal agreement. “I made the wrong call on Friday,” he told MPs.

“If the prime minister cannot commit to taking us out of the EU on the 12th of April, she must resign immediately.

“This is no longer about Leave or Remain. That was decided in 2016. This is about the future of our great country.”

May has promised to step down as prime minister and party leader if and when her deal is approved by parliament.

But her withdrawal agreement was rejected for a third time on Friday, when it was voted down by 58 votes.

The UK is on course to leave the EU without a deal unless an alternative plan is found.

MPs will vote on a series of other options to May’s Brexit deal later today.

Supporters of a “Norway-plus” plan for close UK engagement with the EU after Brexit have gained a big boost, as both Labour and the Scottish National Party announced their MPs will back it.

The scheme – known as Common Market 2.0 – is one of nine alternative plans tabled for a series of indicative votes on Monday designed to establish what kind of Brexit has a chance of winning a majority among MPs.

Conservative MPs have been given a free vote, but cabinet ministers will be told to abstain.

Meanwhile senior ministers will meet in cabinet for five hours on Tuesday – the first three hours in a “political” session in the absence of civil servants – to discuss the way ahead, amid speculation about a possible general election or change of Tory leader.


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