Is This 'Towelkini' The Most Pointless Beachwear Item Ever Created?

Fancy some bad tan lines and a sandy bum?

The sun is finally here, summer is approaching and it’s time to start shopping for our holiday wardrobe. But hold on to your purses for a hot second – have you ever considered buying an item that merges your bikini and towel?

Let us introduce the ‘towelkini’ – soon to be responsible for bad tan lines, sandy bums and general confusion across the beaches of the world – the new product combines your swimsuit with your towel.

And no, we’re not quite sure how that works either.

The ‘towelkini’ – the work of New York designer Aria McManus – is one size fits all, made from 100% cotton and comes in either hot pink or ‘athletic’ gold so you can feel like a real sports hero when you’re lying motionless on the sand.

The creation has a hole for your head and for your legs and then drapes over the rest of your body in a weirdly confusing manner.

We’re not sure why you would want your body to be 90% covered when you’re already really hot and flustered.

And it doesn’t form the primary function of a beach towel in stopping the sand from burning your back and gathering in your bikini crotch or trunks.


So what is the point of the towelkini? Well we’re not quite sure we have an answer for you there.

But if any of you do find a way that it might be useful, you’ve got to shell out $199 for the pleasure.