10-Year-Old Makes Custom-Made LEGO Trophy For When His Two-Year-Old Brother Potty Trains

'Your 10-year-old is much more creative than I am.'

A creative 10-year-old made an impressive trophy for when his two-year-old brother is potty trained.

The creation was built on a black LEGO base to make it look like a trophy, with a white toilet on top.

And comically, the big brother built a yellow stream of urine going straight into the toilet to symbolise his brother being trained.

“So the two-year-old is potty training and this is what the 10-year-old comes up with: ‘It’s a trophy for when he is all trained’,” the parent wrote when sharing the photo on Reddit.

Redditors commenting on the thread thought the idea of having a trophy for a child who has potty trained was genius.

“I remember when I was a kid I was scared of sitting on the toilet and I would cry and say I was going to fall in and never wanted to sit on it without help,” one wrote.

“I think a trophy would have helped if I’m being honest.”

Another wrote: “Incentives to help kids potty train is a great shout and I applaud your 10-year-old’s creativity.”

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