04/01/2019 11:26 GMT | Updated 04/01/2019 17:55 GMT

Donald Trump Mocked For Holding Press Conference Flanked By Four Bald White Men

"Why is bald Harry Potter standing behind Trump rn?"

The US political divide was illustrated in stark terms on Thursday as the most diverse class of politicians in history took their place in the house of representatives – but only, it seems, on the Democrat side. 

The opening of the 116th congress saw more women politicians than ever before, and a new generation of Muslim, Latino, Native American and African-American lawmakers.

However, on the Republican side the house was still made up mostly of white men – and as if to underscore the point, President Donald Trump held a press conference flanked by four distinctly bald specimens.

The briefing appeared to be an attempt to steal some of the Democrat’s limelight – Trump strode into the room, repeated claims about his vaunted US-Mexico border wall and then left without taking questions from reporters.

The striking optics of the event were seized upon by people on social media. One person pointed out that the number of bald white men present totalled more than the number of women in his entire cabinet – which is just three currently.

Of course it could have just been a Trump insecurity issue...

And what the hell was Daniel Radcliffe doing there?

It turned out the men were security experts from the National Border Patrol Council and were there to tout the US-Mexico border wall Trump is currently having so much difficulty getting funding for.

The US is currently in its 13th day of a partial government shutdown as Republicans and Democrats fight over funding.

Trump has refused to reopen the government until he secures $5 billion (£3.9bn) to start building the wall, but Democrats are refusing to give it to him, instead offering $1.3bn (£1.03bn) for increased security at the border.

On Thursday Pelosi said Trump and Senate Republicans should “take yes for an answer” and approve the propose border bill, adding: “We’re not doing a wall. Does anyone have any doubt that we’re not doing a wall?”