Donald Trump Honours Veterans With 'Most Inappropriate Memorial Day Message' Ever

'So in case you were wondering if Trump would make Memorial Day about him...'

Donald Trump has honoured the memory of US veterans on Memorial Day by... bragging about how proud they would be of him.

A tweet sent early Monday morning began promisingly and largely kept to the long-recognised script of how to honour those who have died serving their country.

But it quickly unravelled as the President somehow shoe-horned in the economy and unemployment figures.

Added to the disconnect between Memorial Day and Trump’s bragging is the fact that positive economic and employment figures are still largely an legacy of the Obama administration.

And then there’s the small fact Trump managed to avoid serving in the armed forces a number of times.

Trump already has solid form on Memorial Day tweets, even before he became President.

In 2013 he used the occasion to insist global warming was a hoax.



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