Trump's Attempt To Mock Biden's Cognition Backfires When He Gets The Term Wrong

OOPS! The former president botched a key phrase as he tried to attack his rival.

Donald Trump’s latest attempt to mock President Joe Biden over his cognitive abilities lost its sting on Tuesday when he got a key term wrong at a time when new questions are being raised about his own brainpower.

Trump pointed to a video circulating in right-wing media of Biden seeming to wander off during a G7 meeting as evidence the president is “humiliating” the nation.

In reality, Biden was talking to a skydiver who had just landed near the group of leaders as part of a ceremony ― but the video was deceptively edited so that viewers don’t see the skydiver.

That and similar videos have been dismissed as “cheap fakes” by the White House and others, as they use quick and basic editing rather than AI “deep fake” technology.

But Trump got the term wrong.

“Crooked Joe and his handlers are insisting he’s sharper than ever, and they say the videos of Crooked Joe shuffling around are clean fakes,” Trump said. “You know what a clean fake is? They’re deceptively edited, they say they’re deceptively edited, all of the mistakes that he’s made, every day.”

Trump gets confused while accusing Biden of being in cognitive declines (the White House described the Biden videos he's talking about as "cheap fakes," not "clean fakes" as Trump claims)

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 18, 2024

It’s the second time in a matter of days that Trump made a flub while attacking Biden’s cognition. Over the weekend, he challenged Biden to a cognitive test, then bragged about acing a test of his own several years ago, when it was given to him by Representative Ronny Jackson (Republican, Texas), who was then the White House physician.

Except Trump repeatedly referred to him as “Ronny Johnson” during the weekend event.


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