The 22-Inch TRUMPY BEAR You've Never Wanted Is On Sale With 'Added Bonus'

'What idiot decided to call it Trumpy Bear instead of an I Really Don’t Carebear?'

“The wind whispered through the forest: ’A storm is coming - I am the storm.”

These are the words that mark the beginning of the most “that-can’t-be-an-actual-thing-but-it-actually-really-is” TV advert you shall ever see.

Introducing TRUMPY BEAR - a “fearless, super-plush American grizzly”, apparently.

Oh and it’s modelled on Donald Trump if you hadn’t already worked that out.

Originally released in July of last year, TRUMPY BEAR is getting a new lease of life after the ad apparently aired on Fox News this week, prompting a general cry of “WTAF”.

The advert’s not-quite sincere testimonials suggest someone might be having one huge joke but then again, this is the USA in 2018.

But as noted above, it is an actual thing. You can even buy it on Amazon where the reviews reveal two disturbing things.

Firstly, people have actually ordered TRUMPY BEAR. We kid you not.


Secondly, Katie’s mom mustn’t have noticed the missing CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY or the fact the ULTRA COZY FLAG THEMED BLANKET only has 33 stars on it.

Trumpy Bear

But then, it is only “FLAG-THEMED”.

HuffPost UK tried contacting Exceptional Products Inc, the company behind the TRUMPY BEAR, to ask how many had been sold but they were “experiencing unusually high call volume”.

Must be the Christmas rush.