The Male Contraceptive Pill Is A Step Closer But People Have Their Doubts

A male pill has proved 99% effective against pregnancy... in mice. Here's how humans are reacting.
Toshiro Shimada via Getty Images

A birth control pill for men has been found to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy in tests.

There’s a major caveat to that news: the tests were on mice. But scientists at the spring meeting of the American Chemical Society shared the news that their non-hormonal male contraceptive pill prevented pregnancy in the rodents twithout obvious side effects. Human trials are set to follow later this year.

After decades of discussion around male contraception, there is growing hope that a male pill could relieve the ongoing contraceptive burden on women.

Surprisingly perhaps, a YouGov survey in 2018 found that a third (33%) of men would theoretically consider taking the pill if it was available.

And in 2019, at least one male pill, which contained hormones to stop sperm production, passed initial human safety tests.

This latest news certainly has social media talking. Though plenty are excited at the prospect, both men and women took to Twitter to express their doubts, too – either about taking the pill or trusting someone else to take it.

Here’s what people have been saying about the developments.

A male pill has been a long time coming

And for many women it can’t come soon enough

To be fair, many men are ready to join the queue

And someone was always going to land this one

There have been plenty of ‘side effects’ jokes, too

But women are raising eyebrows at the ‘no side effects’ bit

Nor are all women sure they’d even trust a man to take it

They’ll continue taking their own, thank you very much

Other people are worried this could lead to a rise in STDs

But still, there are some major props for the scientists

And at least some women know how they’ll be picking partners from now on

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