17 Tweets That Perfectly Nail What It's Like To Parent Teens

Whew. Talk about a rollercoaster.
Visual Art Agency via Getty Images

If there’s one thing nobody prepares you for, it’s parenting teens.

After years of your child needing you and adoring you, all of a sudden the roles reverse and you’re the one that needs and adores them, while they decide you’re now painfully embarrassing.

If you’re in the throes of raising a teen – or more than one (in which case you probably deserve a medal) – here are some heavily relatable tweets about what it’s like to be a parent through this phase.

1. Expect your fair share of monosyllabic responses.

2. They may dress like 40-year-old hillwalkers. But that’s cool now.

3. Sorry but you’re not as important as their AirPods.

4. They will communicate with you when they need to.

5. Be prepared for some riveting text exchanges.

6. Sometimes it’s kinda like parenting a toddler... But also not.

7. Your self-esteem will take a hit.

8. Sometimes you can’t really win.

9. You’ll do nice things for them and they’ll probably be trés unimpressed.

10. You’ll have to dig deep to find never-before-seen levels of patience.

11. If they get hangry, don’t ignore the cues.

12. You might end up sounding like a broken record at points.

13. Sometimes their resistance to being around you will cut deep.

14. You might even reach new levels of needy.

15. There *might* be swearing.

16. But the conversations you’ll have will blow your mind.

17. And while it can be hard (what aspect of parenting isn’t?), it can also be pretty beautiful.