9 Tweets From Scrooges Who Are Already Fed Up With Christmas

Bah humbug.

We can all probably agree that getting the Michael Bublé Christmas album out on the day after Halloween is excessive.

But there are some Scrooges that believe even the first week of December ‘tis still not the season.

These tweets sum up the distinctly non-festive-vibe that leaves us wondering - did you not get an Advent calendar this year people?

It's only 4th December and I'm sick of Christmas already.

— Courtney Appleton (@Felix_Chu) December 4, 2016

3rd December and I have already eaten too much chocolate. #Christmas

— Scott Chamberlain (@Jackabyte) December 3, 2016

Have already told my coworker if she sings one more Christmas song, I'll throw her out the window. December is going to be a long month.

— Trish (@trish_kin) December 1, 2016

December, day 4: I still haven't put up my tree or decorated my house for Christmas. Facebook has sent me a written warning.

— oh please 🎄🎅🏻🎁☃️ (@ohpeetie) December 5, 2016

Yes it's December 1st and everyone is talking about Christmas, I hate that my birthday is in December, no one even cares😭

— Pal (@xitsmike) December 1, 2016

Christmas, overhyped and over here. Calm down people, it's three weeks away.

— Gioconda Beekman (@clogette) December 3, 2016

Calm down with all this Christmas shite people, it's still 3 frigging weeks too soon.

— Al Hine (@Al_Hine) December 3, 2016

It's only the 4th day of December and I've seen so much Christmas to last me a lifetime

— anjali (@annjj__) December 4, 2016

To the three families who got Christmas cards to us on 12/1-- maybe pace yourself next year, it's a long season, let it build.

— Mike Overman (@mikeov1) December 1, 2016