9 Tweets That Prove Kids Are Creepy As Hell

Don't leave us alone with them.

Most of the time our children are completely adorable (admittedly when they’re sleeping), but sometimes they can say the creepiest things.

It’s not that we are frightened of them. But we’d just really like to know what’s going on in their head...

1. When they just want some skittles.

2. When they decorate the house.

3. When they make new friends.

4. When they really need to work on their small talk.

5. When they just want to wish you a Happy Birthday.

6. When they don’t make threats lightly.

7. When they see into the future.

8. When you wish you weren’t home alone with them.

9. When they just want the final word in an argument.

Please don’t leave us alone with them.